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Boundary and tracking off by around 20 feet

Not sure of the accuracy of the GPS but the boundary and tracking - when I watch where the cat has been - are off around 20 feet. Even when i reposition 'home' and the boundary, it still shows the cat in the neighbor's yard when she's never left our yard.  This may be as good as it gets? 

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Yes Suzanne, given the size of what we have to work with we aim to get you within 6m of your cat. With the bleeper enabled you will be able to find cat and collar. Our aim is to help you find otu what your cat gets up to and help you locate if it is lost. My cat can travel several miles, so knowing where it is to 20ft I think is ok.

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Often it's tracking with a much greater error than 20 feet, of all the gps I own this has the greatest error. And often it does not even display all the locations it's found.


my boundary setting doesn't work at all

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