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Collar not being tracked

We received our collar a few days ago and charged up the batteries and put it together.  So far, we haven't had any luck at all in having it actually track though.  I'll outline a few of the problems we've observed:

  1. The battery doesn't snap snuggly to the collar.  I've noticed it seems to come disconnected if jarred.  I noticed this when I was taking the collar into my car for  a trip into town to see if it would track.  When I got home a few hours later, the collar hadn't been tracked and I noticed the battery was loose.  I've checked it several other times and it doesn't stay securely connected.
  2. I was able to contact the collar through the web portal and update the settings, so I do see it can communicate, but whenever we take it away from home it never tracks it so I'm hesitant to actually use it with our cat.

The back story is our cat disappeared for 16 days and we haven't let her out of the house since, but she's going stir-crazy being in the house and I want to have the peace of mind I can find her much more easily in the future.

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paw track have been in touch and helping out  with WIFi connection which should make a difference .

@Marty,  Thanks for the advice on Whistle.  I just purchased it to deal with this same issue everyone is having here.  I also live in NC so I can't wait to try it out on my cat.

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