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Accessories Required - Velcro, Battery, etc

My cats tracker's velcro has weakened and is now regularly slacking. I first noticed this when the battery went missing from the collar!. Since then, and using the 2nd battery, I have seen the velcro slack a couple more times through normal use.

Can I please have another battery and medium velcro strap?

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I have only just received my GPS Collar,& noticed that the device is secured around my cat,s neck using a small patch of Velcro. I believe it would be much better to use a "Belt Buckle" type fastener,to ensure less chance of the collar comming off whilst my cat is out,& about. Could you develope this,& make it available?

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i agree i can see the fastening becoming very weak, not the best of designs. Where can we get spare velcro straps ?

Agreed the Velcro sucks, I've had the collar for about a week and my cat has lost it 3 times already!
Velcro design is no good. I cut to length a leather cat collar-(Buckle type)-,& then fed it through the two end spacings of the Pawtrack one,to ensure that it wouldn,t come off my cat,s neck...It works!
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