After you have inputted your WiFi details on our site and the collar has received them: 

  • The collar will automatically connect when it is within range.
  • The LED on the collar turns BLUE while it is connected to WiFi.
  • While the collar is connected it will sleep and wake up every 6 minutes to check to see if it is still connected to WiFi.
    • If WiFi is found and connected, the collar will:
      • Upload all of the logs it has
      • Tell the server that the collar is in WiFi range 
      •  Shuts down the modem.
    • If no WiFi is connected, the collar will:
      • Wake up and start initialisation
      • Take a GPS position fix
      • Tells the server that the collar is no longer in wifi range
      • The LED turns back to red.
The WiFi will not work on routers operating at 5 GHz but will work on routers operating at 2.4 GHz, most routers are able to operate on both so this is not usually a problem.
Please contact us if you have any queries.