We have 3 ways of changing the settings of the GPS updates.

Changing the HDOP value:

  • Increase the number to reduce the accuracy but increase the chance of easily finding an approximate position (Higher gives less accurate data more frequently)
  • Decrease the number to increase the position accuracy but this will increase the time taken to get a good fix (lower gives more accurate data less frequently)
  • The HDOP settings go from 1 to 8.


Changing the Minutes between GPS position will alter the frequency of location fixes:

  • The minutes go from 6 to 360, this option allows you to change how often it will look for a new position fix.
  • For example, if you had it set to 10, The collar will find its location then wait 10 minutes then find its new location.


Changing how many seconds to wait for a GPS fix:

  • The seconds go from 30 to 120, this option allows you to change how long it will continue to look for a good position fix.
  • For example, if you set it to 90, the collar will have up to 90 seconds to try to obtain a correct GPS location of where it is each time it searches for another location update.

Please refer to “How to change your Pawtrack GPS settings” for where to find the options and help with how to change the settings.