You will need to charge the batteries when you first get the collar. The collar comes with 2 batteries, so you should be able to track constantly,

You will receive a micro usb lead, which can plug into a computer or a mains charger (eg for an iPhone). It takes around 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged. If both batteries are dead, you can charge one battery whilst still on the collar if you want to go ahead and set the collar up.

The  collar will fit into the clip on the collar, with the micro usb port facing out. It should click into place. To take it off, gently pull away the two plastic flaps and it should come off. If you are forcing anything then you are probably not doing it right! 

When the battery goes into the collar you will see a red LED flashing once a second, It should then change to flashing two times per second then to once every ten seconds. Once you see this you should be ready to go.

Battery Life

The battery will last for about 24 hours flat out taking positions and uploading these to the server. However by using WiFi and some of the battery saving functions this can be extended up to 2 days. Once WiFi is set, the collar will recognise when the cat is at home and switch off the collar. It checks for WiFi once every 6 minutes (both to see if WiFi is present, and to see whether it is has left WiFi). Therefore don't be alarmed if there is a couple of minutes delay when your cat comes home and it is not in.

To make a battery last longer, you can do the following:

Make sure WiFi is enabled
Take fewer GPS positions
Switch on one of the battery saving modes (see below). We recommend setting one.

It depends an awful lot on what your cat gets up to and also the strength of the phone signal. But hopefully after a few weeks you should be able to work out what works best for you and your cat.