There are lots of flashing lights with the collar. It's a bit like a mobile disco with purring.

We have these lights so we can tell what is going on, and it helps identify any problems.

This is what they mean:

No Lights - A dead battery. If you charge the battery and you are still getting this, send an email to

Red flashing once a second - The collar is initializing. This can go on for up to 6 minutes. If it is still doing it after 10 minutes, then this can mean the following:

  • The collar is in a very poor phone signal area. If this is the case, then try to move it to a better area. If the collar has worked previously in that area, then there may be a problem.
  • The collar needs looking at. Again, drop an email to
Red flashing rapidly (twice a second) - the collar is trying to get a GPS position.
Red flashing once every 10 seconds - the collar is on the GSM network, and is ticking over nicely. 

If there is a blue light flashing, the collar is in Wifi mode. It should have uploaded data via the router, and is now shut down. It will spring into life when it moves outside the boundary.

If you see a green light flashing, then it has totally run out of power and needs a fully charged battery.