The right hand side of the screen will look like this:

The collar works by taking positions every so often (you can set this from various times from every 6 minutes to every 4 hours, see GPS section).

Every 3 hours the collar will automatically upload the data to the server. This will also happen when the collar goes into Wifi mode.

You can request an upload by clicking update. The server will then try to contact the collar. It can take some time to get hold of the data, and if the server cannot connect it will state that the collar may be busy. For instance, when the collar is searching for a GPS position, the modem is powered down to stop interference.

The server will automatically try again 3 minutes later.

Sometimes the collar may simply be in a poor reception area. In this case it may be some time before the collar is contactable again.

If you are having continually difficulty contacting the collar, then please send an email to and we will try our best to sort the problem out.