Setting Home Location

  • Once your have registered on the app, you should have received an email from us asking you to confirm your email address (it may be in spam, contact if you cannot find it). Once you have confirmed your email, follow these steps.
  • Login again using your email and password.
  • Click show map to display the map. The home icon will stay in the centre of the screen, and you will be able to scroll the background as well as zoom in and out.
  • Click Hide Map when you are happy with the position.
  • Click submit at the bottom to send the updated home location to the Server.

Enter your Cat's Details

You are able to enter details on your cat, including name, date of birth and breed.

When you have finished click on Add New Cat. You can now assign the sim against this cat.

Synching with the Collar

Your sim number can be found on the bottom of the box. Enter this into the app when prompted.

The app should confirm that the number has been accepted. Go to the left hand side menu, and click on Activity.