This feature allows your collar to connect to your home wifi, and does so:

  1. To inform you your pet is at home
  2. To allow the collar to slow right down and conserve battery

When your wifi details have been setup on the collar, the next time the collar comes in range of your wifi, it will automatically connect.

Connection to your home wifi is indicated by the LED flashing blue, and you will receive a notification on the app to tell you your cat is at home.

While connected to wifi, your collar will do several things:

  • The collar goes into a sleep mode, which shuts down the GPS receiver. This reduces the power consumption from the processor
  • While in sleep. the collar will then wake up every 10 minutes to check to see if it is still connect to Wifi
  • If Wifi is detected and the collar connected, the collar will:
    • Upload all of the logs it has
    • Tell the server that the collar is still in WiFi rangeĀ 
    • Go back into sleep mode
  • If no wifi is detected, the collar will:
    • Wake up and start initialisation
    • Tell the server that the collar is no longer in wifi range
    • Begin to search for satellite and then generate a GPS position
    • Send a notification to your app to say your cat has left wifi