If you are having issues with Wifi disconnecting, or your cat does not venture far from the house often, and you

are therefore not getting GPS positions, the Wifi reset option will stop your collar from connecting to your home wifi.

The reset function works by sending across dummy wifi details, so that the next time the collar checks for wifi, it realises that 

the collar is not in range of these 'new wifi details' and forces the collar to restart up the GPS modem.

To proceed with Wifi reset:

  1. Ensure the collar is in range of your modem, as the reset instructions are sent via your home wifi, not via the GPS server
  2. Go into 'Wifi settings' and click the red 'Reset' button at the bottom right
  3. Wait for 60 seconds, then take the battery off and on to reset the collar
  4. Within a couple minutes, you should then see that the collar is flashing red once a second, indicating the collar is no longer on wifi and trying to connect to the network